16. 6. 2020

What to bring on board a sailboat?

In a few days, your first sailing holiday begins, and you have started to panic because you don’t know what to bring with you? You are used to pack quickly for a holiday on dry land, but you are not sure about what to bring in the middle of the sea? Don’t fret! We can suggest what to bring on board so that you can make your stay on the boat as comfortable as in a hotel on the beach.

Personal documents and the boat license are essential!

The holiday usually starts with a check of personal documents - passport or identity card. Make sure you have them in your suitcase! Moreover, don’t forget a legally valid boat license and possibly a radio operator license.

Which are the necessary documents of the boat? 

  • Rental agreement wich speaks about condition between the lessor and the lessee
  • Check-in/Check-out list, conteins all equipment of the boat, form technical functions to inventory of kitchen and cabins
  • crew list is a form with names of all person on board
  • deposit receipt

Insurance in case of accident

Don’t forget to get insured not only for the sailing holiday but also for the security deposit. This insurance will cover you in the event you cause a damage to the boat or anything goes wrong during the trip.

A portulan chart to find ports and moorings can also be useful for better planning and orientation. Some charter companies provide it, but try and ask in advance if it is included in the onboard equipment, otherwise get one.

What to pack in your suitcase?

Can’t you decide between a rigid suitcase and a rigid travel bag? Neither of the two options is recommended! There is not much space for large luggage in the cabins. However, upon request it is possible to store the empty rigid suitcases at the lessor’s base, in order to avoid any potential obstacles and damages to the boat.

What to pack for a sailboat?

The best solution is to choose a soft travel bag or a backpack, which once folded and stored do not hinder the free movement inside the boat. The cabins are equipped with small cabinets that can accommodate your personal belongings.

What clothes should you wear to go sailing?

The sailboat will not restrict your clothing style. However, you must consider that the space on the boat is very limited. Moreover, the weather conditions at sea are variable. Not only do you need bathing suits, but also a windbreaker is necessary. Bring clothes that do not take up much space and can make you feel comfortable.  

Clothes for sailing

  • 3-4 t-shirts
  • Shorts
  • 1x light long trousers
  • Bathing suit
  • Windbreaker
  • 1x sweater or sweatshirt
  • Hat to cover your head
  • Underwear and socks
  • Light pajamas
  • Sunglasses

What about the shoes?

You must bring comfortable shoes that do not make you slip on wet floor and do not produce black spots: sandals, flip flops. For potential field trips bring more rigid shoes or water shoes. Women will love to wear light dresses on the beach and during evening walks in the cities. You will also need beach towels and towels that you can rent from the lessor.

What about cosmetics on board?

Cosmetics will be useful on board. Our skin and hair are very stressed during the summer because of the constant heat and dryness, especially in the middle of the sea. How to protect your skin and hair? Together with the traditional shampoo and conditioner, also bring a no-rinse conditioner for dry hair that you can use any time during the day.Protect your skin with sunscreens or oils, use also after-sun creams, moisturizers and don’t forget the lip balm.

What to take on a yacht
What cosmetics will be suitable for a cruise

And of course, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair comb and shower gel. We suggest you bring waterproof makeup. Choose pack sizes that do not take up too much space.

Some companies provide detergents on board too – ask for information in advance. Toilet paper, wet wipes, cleaning products or sponges to wash dishes can be useful.

Ask the lessor’s company where you can buy food or other necessary products. Most of all, ask where the closest supermarket is located and whether it makes deliveries on board.

Don’t forget the medicine you usually take!

There should be a first aid kit on board, but don’t forget to bring with you drugs for nausea, diarrhea, pain for example and possibly all personal drugs you usually take.

Food and life on the boat

On the boat you can almost live like in your house. The kitchen is equipped with all the items you need, from the fridge to the pots and very often also the moka pot. Therefore, a boat can also be a chance to improve your culinary skills.

You can purchase food in advance or fresh food in ports or cities, where you will always find grocery stores or convenience stores and often local food shops. Some companies can buy and prepare everything aboard upon request, and on your arrival, you will find everything ready in the kitchen. Don’t forget sufficient drinking water – it is often hot on board.

Camera to capture memories!

Don’t forget the electronic devices to capture your memories. Undoubtedly you will use a camera. The ideal devices are a waterproof camera, a smartphone, a computer with all cables and chargers. The underwater world is interesting; therefore, we recommend that you bring snorkeling equipment. Finally, something to spend time, such as a book or board games.

Remember that the places you will visit on a sailboat are not located at the end of the world and you can buy all the things you need there. Therefore, don’t stress yourself out and enjoy your cruise!

What our clients say about us

Sono appena tornata da una vacanza in barca a vela nell'arcipelago delle Eolie, con le sue sette meravigliose isole: PANAREA, LIPARI,SALINA,VULCANO,STROMBOLI,ALICUDI e FILICUDI. Bellissima esperienza assolutamente da provare!!!! Grande ed unica la professionalità e competenza del Sig. Antonio, Cristina e di tutto lo staff della GAIS.
Chartered Notus (Dufour GL382) in Marina di Portorosa starting from May 29 - boat is excellent, well-maintained by the team (well, I am not a big fan of automatic headsail, but that's it) - Krystina and team warmly welcomed us, was always in place to support us (even with fresh forecast) - absolutely no problems with the team or boat :) - we had children aboard, and they are excited by the vicinity of Lipari islands! Highly recommended! (however, if I were you, I would buy a handheld VHF and easy-to-use life vests, but it's again my preference and my highest note for the company and the boat remains the same)
Dmitry Pervushin