Aegadian Islands

The Aegadian Islands are located few kilometres away from the western coast of Sicily and belong to the province of Trapani in Italy. Their overall surface is 37.45 km2. The main islands of the archipelago are Favignana, Lévanzo and Marettimo. Their main resource is fishery, especially of tuna.

In addition to the three main islands, there are two small ones, Formica and Maraone, located between Lévanzo and Sicily and surrounded by crystal blue waters home to a big population of tuna. When on these islands you will understand the real meaning of privacy and disconnection from the frenzy of the contemporary world, like if you were on a deserted islands.

The Aegadian islands enjoy a wonderful Mediterranean vegetation, warm weather and sunny summers. Since very few people leave on these islands they are peaceful places, an ideal option for people who love deserted beaches and unspoilt nature.

Lévanzo – a peaceful small island with a beautiful landscape

The smallest island of the archipelago is Lévanzo, located in the north-east. The beauty of this island resembles Greece. Its surface is 5.82, km2 and it is inhabited only by 200 people. The main touristic spot is the cave Grotta del Genovese with its prehistoric paintings, discovered in 1952.

Being so small, especially if compared to Sicily, Lévanzo offers the possibility of experiencing the real Mediterranean atmosphere and the tranquillity of the South. Buttercups, olive and orange trees grow everywhere and goats run freely. There is only one small village with a café and a gift shop besides few farms and summer houses.

Island Lévanzo

Favignana – a populated island with a lively atmosphere

Favignana is the biggest and most popular of the Aegadian Islands. It lays to the west of Sicily, in the southern part of the archipelago with a surface of 19.8 km2. The small and uninhabited islands of Preveto, Galera and Galleota belong to the municipality of Favignana.

Favignana is probably the best starting point for a tour of the archipelago. On this island there is a village called Favignana belonging to the province of Trapani. The island is a protected area with several caves, stunning and long sandy beaches with a rich vegetation which includes carob trees, olive trees and sumacs. Favignana is home to a rare species of toad, the Sicilian green toad.

The main economic activities are tuna fishery and volcanic tuff quarrying. The increase in tourism transformed Favignana into a pleasant and lively holiday destination offering the ideal conditions for swimming and cycling. You will also find a number of architectural monuments.

Favignana – a populated island with a lively atmosphere

Marettimo – swim in a crystal clear water among the caves

Marettimo is the second biggest island of the Aegadian archipelago with a surface of 12.3 km2. It is located in the north-west part of the archipelago and it is the farthest island from the Italian mainland.

A byzantine-norman style church has been rebuilt on the island. The coast is flanked by impressive caves and its waters are the perfect place for swimming, some of which are only accessible by boat.

The highest point on the island is Monte Falcone, 686 m. Marettimo has a population of 300 in winter and of about 700 in the summer due to the arrival of seasonal fishers, tourism workers and traditional artisans.

The lush vegetation of the island includes more than 500 species. People share the island with donkeys, horses, wild goats, rabbits, eagles, hawks and seagulls.

Island Marettimo

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