6. 10. 2020

A sailing holiday in the Seychelles

Would you like to experience the feeling of absolute freedom? If you enjoy travelling and like the idea of a sea voyage, try a sailing holiday! If you are worried about setting out on such an adventurous expedition on your own, you can try to discover the Seychelles on a boat with a professional captain. With a yacht, you will discover some amazing coves, romantic little islands and ancient ports. All of this will be enhanced by the wonderful surrounding scenery and unspoilt beaches where you can enjoy countless sunsets. Just have a look at some of the photos taken on sailing holidays in the area around the Seychelles and you are bound to want to experience this exotic adventure too!

Holidays in the Seychelles

A dream destination for yachtsmen

Yachting in the Seychelles is the ultimate dream of each and every yachtsman! 92 granite and coral islands in the Indian ocean spread out over an area of approximately 400,000 km2 and entice visitors with their beautiful beaches covered in silvery sand, rugged countryside and above all the stability of the weather there. This need not only be about a summer sailing holiday, because the tropical climate influenced by the trade winds favours yachtsmen the whole year round. The islands are located outside of the area affected by the cyclones which regularly hit the islands of Mauritius and Madagascar and the wind here does not achieve a speed of more than 6 Bft. Temperatures here are very pleasant all year round – approximately 24 to 30 degrees Celsius. The only difference between winter and summer is the direction of the prevailing winds and frequency of rainfall. March and April are the warmest months. Summer from July to August is the coldest time of year.

Seychelles - Praslin Island
Yacht holidays - Seychelles, La Digue island

There is something to discover wherever you go

You will find a lot of beautiful places to moor up on the main islands of Mahé, La Digue, Praslin and on the more northerly situated Bird Island and Denis. The beautiful inner mountainous islands with unspoilt tropical forests and uninhabited sandy coral islands with palm trees bearing fruit weighing up to 20 kg make this destination a luxurious place for a sailing holiday.  

Get some experience in Europe first

Travelling to the Seychelles archipelago is not exactly cheap and not many people can afford an expedition like this. If you are planning to visit this region, it would be a good idea to try out your yachting skills properly at sea a little closer to home. A great destination in which you can hone your yachting skills is Italy. This country is very attractive to yachtsmen. You will be surprised how many charming places are hidden in the Aeolian Islands, the Aegadian Islands, the city of Cefalù or, for example, Palermo. These include long sandy beaches and picturesque little towns and ports, among other things boasting wonderful cuisine. Contact us to arrange reservation of the boat of your choice, one which meets all of your requirements. Just write to let us know which boat you are interested in and the date on which you would like to set off on your dream holiday. 

Sailing holidays are becoming more and more popular every year and that is no surprise. When you too discover the beautiful sights offed by coastlines seen from the deck of a yacht, traditional holidays with traditional accommodation will no longer seem so appealing!

What our clients say about us

Sono appena tornata da una vacanza in barca a vela nell'arcipelago delle Eolie, con le sue sette meravigliose isole: PANAREA, LIPARI,SALINA,VULCANO,STROMBOLI,ALICUDI e FILICUDI. Bellissima esperienza assolutamente da provare!!!! Grande ed unica la professionalità e competenza del Sig. Antonio, Cristina e di tutto lo staff della GAIS.
Chartered Notus (Dufour GL382) in Marina di Portorosa starting from May 29 - boat is excellent, well-maintained by the team (well, I am not a big fan of automatic headsail, but that's it) - Krystina and team warmly welcomed us, was always in place to support us (even with fresh forecast) - absolutely no problems with the team or boat :) - we had children aboard, and they are excited by the vicinity of Lipari islands! Highly recommended! (however, if I were you, I would buy a handheld VHF and easy-to-use life vests, but it's again my preference and my highest note for the company and the boat remains the same)
Dmitry Pervushin